What is a Smiling Statue? Smiling Statues are handmade figurines scattered around the city to bring joy to people. All 91 are completely unique. They are individually molded and smiled, one by one.

I found one! It’s yours to keep! Also, click here! Please tell me about it. If possible, submit a photo. You can submit here or e-mail the text/photo to smilingstatues@gmail.com.

Where can I find one? Here’s a map of where I’ve left some of them.

Each Smiling Statue was hand-molded, hand-painted and hand-smiled. There are only 91, and each one if unique. This week, they will be left around New York City (and elsewhere) for people to find — and adopt.

If you find one, we ask that you tell us it has found a safe home! Either fill out this form or e-mail smilingstatues@gmail.com. Please send a picture, if you can!


The Creator

Alvin is a master’s student at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.